New commenting system

Ok so it’s not a huge deal but I think it is.  I’ve never been satisfied with the WordPress comment system.  I think to have a profile picture and everything you had to basically sign-up at  and I think I turned that off anyway.  So I’ve known about Disqus for a while (through other attempts on other sites at …

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A Bit of Earth

In our new apartment we have a little strip of dirt in front of our house.  We decided we would try out our green thumbs and plant a garden.  Neither of us have done much gardening, but we decided to see how it would go.  We wend to Home Depot and bought some flowers, seeds, a shovel, and a watering …

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St. George

The weekend of June 17th, me and Kenny took a trip down to St. George.  It was our trip to celebrate our anniversary.  We took the day off of work Friday and drove down.  On the way we stopped at Cove Fort as I had never been there.  We would highly recommend it!  We got a tour from a nice …

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Photo gallery sneak peak

Family Photo Gallery

Sorry for the lack of anything on our blog.  I’ve been busy creating a sweet family photo gallery for everyone to come and enjoy. It can be seen using the top menu or clicking here: We both don’t use Facebook as much (although it’s a great place to upload several hundred photos).  I just wanted to try to create …

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New Apartment

This isn’t our apartment, but we still like our new one!   We’ve promised this to everyone so here it is, our new apartment! We decided to upload some video of it so you can really be part of the tour, enjoy!

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A picture of us at the rainforest in the zoo

The Zoo!

So the Saturday after Kenny finished finals we went up to the Hogle Zoo with Kevin.  He was pretty excited as he hadn’t been since he was really young. It was a bit chilly, but supposedly that makes the animals more active.  That was definitely true for the prairie dogs, they were burrowing like crazy.  The zoo has a great …

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