Our trip to Disneyland was amazing!  It seriously went so much better than we ever dreamed it would with Lucy. So this post is going to be mainly pictures, because I think we’re super cute, especially Lucy.  I loved spending so much time with Kenny and Lucy, that’s always the best part of vacation, just 24/7 family!  We learned even more about how Lucy really is the best baby, she was very much able to go with the flow.  It was so great going to our favorite place with our favorite little girl.  There will definitely be many family Disneyland trips to come.

Las Vegas

Part of what made the trip more enjoyable is that we took two days to drive down, we stopped in Vegas on the way down and back.  We went to a buffet at a casino, I know, we took our baby to a casino!  It was to show her all the crazies and how not to live her life.  The food was so-so, not worth the price.  But now we can say we’ve done a Vegas buffet, so I guess that’s off the bucket list.  Another bucket list item – we went and saw the Bellagio fountains. So cool!  I’ve wanted to see them ever since Ocean’s 11.  I didn’t see George Clooney anywhere though.  It was super windy, so we kept Lucy in her carseat until she cried enough and then Kenny took her out.  She loved playing on the king bed at the hotel, especially because it was bouncy! (We have a memory foam bed at home.)


When we got to Anaheim we went to Downtown Disney to eat dinner.  Kenny loves this shot of me and Lucy in the esplanade, like mother like daughter.  I also had me some man-pleasing beignets.  They were delicious and I got powdered sugar EVERYWHERE!  Eating is one of the best things about vacation, but it is also is one of the best things about coming home, you get sick of eating out, no matter how good it is.  We loved the food at Disney, especially Kenny as they had a lot of gluten-free options for him.

Day 1

When we walked to the park the first morning, it was sprinkling.  Luckily it didn’t last too long, and it warmed up.  Lucy’s first ride was Pinocchio.  We wanted to do Peter Pan, but it already had a long line.  Since it was sprinkling Dumbo only had a 10 minute wait!  So we went on that, which we haven’t done together ever.  Lucy looked so cute in her Minnie ears, she got so many compliments all day.  I think she really liked all the strangers talking to her, I’m glad she’s friendly.  We were worried she might get scared on some rides with loud noises and things, but she wasn’t fazed by them, she just liked looking around at everything with her big eyes.

My mom joined us in California Adventure, she got to fly in, lucky ducky.  Lucy loved hanging out with grandma.  She has recently started shaking her head like she’s saying no, and she loved to do it when grandma would talk to her.  When we got back from our trip and I was looking at pictures with her, one came up of her and my mom and she started shaking her head.  Silly little girl.  Cars Land looked as amazing as everyone said it did. World of Color was so cool too.  The only problem was that there was a fountain in front of us we didn’t know about, (we purposefully stood far away so we wouldn’t get wet) but that fountain got us.  Lucy just slept through most of it in her stroller.

Day 2

The second day we started in California Adventure, it felt so weird to start a day there, and not at Disneyland.  But you have to go first thing to get fast pass for the Radiator Springs Racers, unless you want to wait in a 2 hour line.  The ride was worth it, it was super cute and fun.  There isn’t as much to do in California Adventure with a baby. I held her on Midway Mania, and I still beat my mom, haha. She was kind of bummed about that.  Kenny wasted both of us though, so I still can’t say much.  We loved all that they redid with the entrance area too, it looks so much more inviting.

Then we headed over to Disneyland.  We figured Lucy would love It’s a Small World with all the singing and colors.  She was really happy when we first went in.  After that she got a little bored, but still liked it.  That’s probably how most people feel about It’s a Small World.  She loved chewing on the straps on her stroller!  We were so glad that she did good in her stroller.  She even took good naps in it!  She really slept about as good as she does at home.

Break Day

On Wednesday we took a break from Disneyland.  We ate lunch at a super yummy Mexican place.  Then the plan was to go to the beach while my mom did a session at the Newport Beach Temple.  Lucy fell asleep on the way to the beach and slept for quite a while.  I even put sunscreen on her and she didn’t wake up.  And then she didn’t even need sunscreen because it was so windy we just kept her covered up in her stroller.  So we didn’t even get close to the water. For dinner we met up with my good friends from my mission, Cassie and Bruno.  It was so fun to see them!

Day 3

We got into the park an hour earlier on Thursday, we spent it waiting in line for Peter Pan.  It wouldn’t have been that long of a line, but the ride broke down so we waited for it to open.  I still love that ride!

Lucy looked so cute dressed up as Snow White.  We went and met the princesses in the new Fantasy Faire area.  It was nice not having to just happen on the princesses, and that it was all inside.  Lucy liked talking to them.  The whole area was so cute.  I can’t wait until Lucy actually gets excited about meeting princesses.

Lucy loved the carousel and the Tiki Room.  She likes anything with music really. It got pretty warm so Lucy got to take off her pants!  I love her little legs.  We kept putting on sunscreen, don’t worry.  And we just tried to keep her out of the sun as much as possible.  It was actually good that her pants were off because she had her second ever blow out, Kenny is a good dad, he took a picture and then went and cleaned her up.

We got to see the Iron Man exhibit, it was just a bunch of suits.  And Iron Man was being a creeper in the back of our picture.  We also rode on the front of the monorail with the driver!  It was pretty awesome!

Day 4

We started the day again in California Adventure.  My mom caught up with us later, I think we wore her out.  She bought Lucy this super cute Minnie Mouse outfit.  We also discovered Lucy’s love of cups. They kept her entertained for a while.  Lucy’s favorite ride was Little Mermaid.  She just sat there with her mouth open and leaning forward the whole ride.  It was so cute.  I also had the most amazing ice cream bar.  Let me rave for a minute – it was chocolate, hand dipped in chocolate, with Mickey sprinkles on top.  It was so so yummy.  I liked it so much that when we got home I tried searching to see if there was anywhere around here that did hand-dipped ice cream bars.  I couldn’t find one, so if you know of a place, let me know.

We finished the day with a few last rides we hadn’t done like the train, Jungle Cruise, and Alice in Wonderland.  The last ride we went on was It’s a Small World – definitely different than any other time we’ve gone.  We finished up the night watching Fantasmic and the fireworks. We were all pretty tuckered out.  Lucy had her only meltdown the whole trip, but she cheered up pretty fast.  Isn’t she the cuddliest little girl?!

Heading Home

Lucy got to go swimming for the first time at our hotel in Vegas.  She loved it!  So we will definitely be doing that more often this summer.

She was so tuckered out on the drive that she didn’t want to wake up to eat in Barstow.  I never wake her up to eat, but in the middle of no where, when she might wake up any second and then be mad she didn’t eat, we really didn’t have a choice.  And when she did finally wake up she just started laughing along with us, it was the cutest thing in the world, too bad I put down the camera early.


This really was such a wonderful vacation.  It makes me excited to continue to do fun things with Lucy and all our future kids.  I love my family so much!



  • Grandma Fernsten

    So fun…I just love Disneyland. Lucy looks so cute in all the pictures. Start them out young and they will have a love of all things Disney. Looks like a fun vacation enjoyed by all. Love, Grandma Fernsten