Disneyland Prep


Cheesing it for the camera

I was telling Kenny that I feel like I’ve been preparing for this trip and thinking about it more than any other trip I’ve gone on.  There is a lot to remember when there is a baby involved. For someone so little she sure needs a lot of things.  But she is so worth it! She is growing up so fast I can’t believe it. We have had some fun the past month, here’s some pictures!

Lucy started out with her head on her burp cloth, where that blue ring is. She’s gotten rolling down really well and will actually roll to get things.  She will be getting into everything before we know it.

We went miniature golfing for the first time with Lucy!  She really enjoyed it, she would watch me hit the ball and watch it roll. Our game ended when my ball got lost in the seashell, guess that one wasn’t working.

We really enjoyed conference.  We had biscuits and gravy for breakfast, our conference tradition.  Lucy just watched it, but was still happy.  She loved listening to the songs during conference and the rest of the time she played with daddy.

I’ve been doing a lot of crafts for Lucy for Disneyland.  I made a nursing cover, a tag toy, and a Minnie Mouse bib.  Kenny took the scraps from my nursing cover and made a hat for Lucy.  Lucy already loves her tag toy.  She has been just playing with the tags on her toys, so I decided to make her a toy that was just tags, easy to please! We are so excited for Disneyland and will have a full report when we get back, and so many cute pictures!

  • Anna

    how fun!!! I’m excited to hear about disneyland. What a cute family you guys are! Remember when we used to say that you and Kenny would have the cutest baby? I think we were right. 🙂 Now your whole little family will be at disneyland – dreams do come true!

  • Grandma Fernsten

    Fun pictures, Yup they really do grow up fast. Lucy is getting to the fun stage of wanting to explore her world. Have fun at Disneyland! Love, Grandma Fernsten