Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter just spending time with family.  Lucy looked ADORABLE in her Easter dress that my mom made her.  She got a lot of compliments at church.  She didn’t sleep at church, so she took a 2 and a half hour nap after and then was pretty happy the rest of the day.

The weather was lovely.  Lucy got hot at church so we took off her tights, she was sure happy after that.  She’s a little cutie.  Easter and the Atonement mean even more to me now that I’m a mom.  It gives me hope that when Lucy makes mistakes in her life that she’ll be ok because she can use the Atonement.  Hopefully she doesn’t make any big mistakes though.

This morning I left Lucy to play with her little mirror toy while I finished up getting ready.  I few minutes I came back and she had completely knocked it over.  She is definitely getting stronger! And better at playing with her toys.

Looking so cute in her stroller before our morning walk!

I made this dress when I was a teenager.  It looks so cute on Lucy!  She was a good little model for me too. And look at her sitting up a little bit with the Boppy!  I definitely have fun taking pictures of her.

  • Anna

    Lucy is so cute. Russell and I are sitting here saying that it’s amazing how she looks like both of you at the same time. Guess that’s how it works. 🙂 you guys are cool. we should be friends and do stuff sometime.

  • Grandma Fernsten

    I love all the beautiful dresses. Wow, Jillaye,,,you are quite the seamstress yourself. That is amazing that you made the dress in high school and now you have a beautiful daughter who fits in it just perfectly. Love, Grandma Fernsten