Goodbye Bracken

Elder Mudrow – Taiwan Taichung Mission

On Wednesday me and Lucy drove down to Orem to take Bracken to the MTC with my mom.  He also got set apart that morning.  It has been so wonderful the past couple of years to see Bracken grow up.  He has such a strong testimony and is going to be a great missionary.  He is such a hard worker, but also knows how to have fun, which I think are two very important qualities needed as a missionary.  He did not seem nervous at all, just so excited.  We took a couple of pictures at the temple since now you just drop missionaries off at the curb.  It seemed like most people dropping off missionaries had the same idea as there were a lot of missionaries in that parking lot in front of the temple.  We will really miss Bracken, but we are so proud of him for his decision to serve!

Bracken and my cousin Robin. She is going on her mission the beginning of April to the Portugal Lisbon mission.
Holding Lucy one last time.
Saying goodbye to Jarik at Panda Express – his request for lunch. They wanted a picture with a panda in the background.
Bracken rode in the back with Lucy, he helped keep her calm by putting her pacifier back in.
A candid picture of me and Bracken at the temple. Bracken said, “Candid pictures are the best pictures.”
Great big hug, my mom wasn’t crying too bad.
Holding the temple.