Cutest Baby Ever!

It’s official.  Lucy is definitely the cutest baby in the whole wide world!  We got some pictures of her in her blessing dress on Monday and I just can’t stop looking at them.  My mom made the dress, of course, and it is beautiful! I love this little girl! Every day as I play with her and feed her and get her to sleep I just feel how blessed I am that I get to be her mom.

Lucy went on her first road trip.  The weekend after Christmas we went down to St. George with my family.  She did so good in the car! So if all goes according to plan in a few months we will take a trip to Disneyland, if Kenny lets us. And if we get money back from Obama.

Jarik loves Monopoly, but we don’t like to play with him because he does all these weird trades and stuff. This was our surprise to play with him. You can see the look of pure delight on his face, he won.
We visited the St. George temple. Lucy slept most of the time we were walking around, so she missed everything.
She woke up as we were walking to our car at the temple, so Kenny snapped this picture, just a little scary.

Lucy also had her two month check-up.  She is 23.5″ long and weighs 10 pounds.  She’s in the 83% for height and 25% for weight, so she’s long and skinny!  She did pretty good when she got the shots, I just fed her after and then she calmed down.  That night she didn’t feel good though and it was so sad!  She woke up bright and happy the next morning though.

This is before her appointment, this little jacket is so cute!

When we were playing the other day, Lucy was waving her little star around so I decided to take a video.  This is what she did, funny little girl.

  • Grandma Fernsten

    The pictures and video and just darling.  Can’t wait to see you all for Lucy’s blessing.