1 Month

One month old!
One month old!

I cannot believe that Lucy has been in our family for a whole month already.  That time has sure flown by!  I also cannot believe how much she has grown and that she’s going to keep growing so fast.  I look back at pictures from when she was first born and she is definitely growing up.  She is really such a fun baby.  She loves to smile and has started to look at me and Kenny when she hears our voices.  Except when I’m trying to take pictures of her, of course, she’ll look anywhere but at me.

She likes grabbing for things like fingers, my shirt, or in this case her number 1.
With her teddy bear

At one month, she still loves to eat and sleep.  During the day she eats about every 2-3 hours, at night she usually goes 3-4 hours.  Sometimes she’ll surprise me and sleep for 5 hours.  It feels nice to be on more of a schedule with eating and sleeping. She has always been good at sleeping at night, but some days she does not want to take naps. It’s ok, I just can’t get anything done the whole day.  She is fun to play with.  She will shake her rattle if I help her get a grip on it. She also likes to listen to me read and likes to attack her elephant.

She really likes her swing. We don’t know for sure if she likes the swinging motion, or if she just likes it because she’s propped up. I set her in it for a minute while I finished getting ready. When I came back two minutes later, she had fallen asleep.
Trying to eat her elephant.

She does not like riding in her car seat.  We went to Kaysville for Thanksgiving and she cried the whole way there and back.  It’s sad because that’s really the only time she cries. Otherwise she just kind of whines when she wants to eat or is getting sleepy.  But we did go on a family trip to Kohl’s yesterday and she did really good in her car seat.  She is hopefully getting more used to that.  She has gotten used to taking a bath, she doesn’t cry about that anymore, which gives us hope for the car.  Otherwise we’ll just be sticking close to Midvale.

She got to meet Oma & Opa Mudrow for the first time.

She was the cutest turkey for Thanksgiving!

We caught a smile here.
Cute turkey feathers on the back of the onesie. I made this onesie before she was born in preparation for Thanksgiving. I’m glad it fit.
These are some 3 month pants we were hoping would fit with her turkey outfit. They definitely did not, she looks a little bit like a gangster.

We love being parents to the cutest little girl. I love getting up in the middle of the night and getting to cuddle with her and have her smile at me.  I love getting to see Kenny take care of her and play with her.  She knows who her daddy is and she definitely loves him.  I love hearing her try to make noises and interact with us.  I love when she falls asleep in my arms because I know she feels comfortable and safe. I am so grateful we have her as a part of our family!

Looking so cute in her monkey pajamas.
Cuddle time with Daddy.
We tried out a hat on her that matched this cute penguin outfit. As soon as I put it on her head she started moving her head side to side. She didn’t like the hat that much, but she was a good sport and left it on for a few pictures.
  • Mom and Grandma Fernsten

    I loved catching up on what Lucy has been doing lately!  It looks she is busy growing and enjoying being in a different outfit each day!!  She is darling!

  • Steveandcammie

    Such a cutie!!!! It’s crazy already a month old!!! Oh babies just grow up way too fast!!! Love all her cute outfits!!! She was definitely the cutest little turkey around! Keep taking pics, it’s so fun to see her little personality and hear what she does! Thanks for sharing–love all of you!!!!!

  • Maija-Liisa

    Lucy is super cute guys! I am sad she doesn’t like her car seat. Bennett is the same way and it sure makes going anywhere hard. I love all her facial expressions! She still has adorable big eyes! I love those monkey pjs. Love her! So cute!