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2 Weeks!

Happy two week birthday Lucy!  This has definitely been the best two weeks of our lives.  Lucy is a wonderful little girl and has made us so happy. Life will never be the same.  My days are now filled with feeding, changing diapers, a little play time, getting Lucy to sleep, and then being bored while waiting for her to wake up.  I wouldn’t change anything.

Lucy had her two week check-up today and now weights 6 lbs, 11 oz, so she’s back up past her birth weight.  At her first check-up a few days after she was born she weighted 5 lbs, 14 oz, so she gained almost a pound in about 10 days.  I was so proud of her!  She did not like getting poked in the foot though, as soon as they did that she cried off and on until I got her home and fed her.  She is now sleeping soundly.

While I was pregnant I always talked about how Lucy would be the perfect baby and she totally is!  She loves eating, smiles a lot, and sleeps so good at night.  Most nights she’ll have at least one 4-5 hour stretch.  We are starting to get on somewhat of a schedule.  She is really so content.  I love playing with her after she eats. We’ll read and talk and she kicks her feet. I love being a mom so much.  I take at least one picture of her almost every day, she’s just so cute!  I won’t post all of them, but here are some highlights.

Our Family
First family photo since the delivery room. Lucy looks a little cross-eyed. She does that sometimes.
Kenny is so good at giving Lucy baths. They taught him well in the hospital when I still couldn’t move my legs.
First walk
The weather has been so nice we got to take Lucy out for a walk. So far she likes riding in the car a lot better than being in the stroller.  She liked her pacifier at this point.  She doesn’t anymore.
Happy Halloween!
I dressed up Lucy in her special onesie on Halloween and we did a photo shoot. Grandma Mudrow, Jarik, and Stephanie came up in the evening to visit. Pretty exciting Halloween!
Wiggle worm
One of my favorite pictures.  I went to go check on her during one of her naps and she had managed to wiggle out of her pajamas. I had to have a talk with her about modesty. She likes being swaddled, because she gets mad when she gets out, but sometimes she sure fights it.
Big Eyes
When Lucy is awake she is always so alert. I love her big eyes.
Best Smile
This is the best picture I’ve been able to get of her smiling. She smiles all the time, but it’s hard to catch it on camera, especially because I don’t want to miss the moment behind the lens. Her smiles sure brighten my day.
Yesterday she did not want to sleep. I tried putting her in her swing, it didn’t put her to sleep, she just stared at me. I don’t know why I think a daughter of mine would be good at taking naps, haha. Actually most days she’s pretty good, I think she was just wanting to eat a lot before the  big weigh in at the doctor today.
  • Grandma

    These pictures made my day!  Thanks

  • Mom and Grandma Fernsten

    So cute!  Love the pictures…cute bathtub photo too!