Welcome Lucy!

We are so excited to announce that baby Lucy was born on the 24th at 8:27 PM.  She weighed 6 lbs 7 ounces and was 20 inches long.  Both Lucy and Jillaye are doing great!  Now onto some pictures and the events of the day.


The day started at with us getting to the hospital at 7:30 AM for Jillaye to get induced.  They told us that getting induced takes a while as they slowly crank-up the amount of medicine in Jillaye to make sure everything is going good.   We watched a movie, played some games and waiting for the contractions to get to the point where she wanted to the epidural.  Around 1 PM she got the epidural and the pains started to go away.  Here’s a cute shot of us after the epidural:

Jillaye and me after she had the epidural.
Happy Birthday Lucy!


Jillaye started pushing around 7:30 PM and did so good!  The epidural faded off a little bit and that caused some grief, but she got more eventually and it helped things improve a lot.  As Lucy was born the Doctors kept saying how much dark hair she had which really made us excited to meet her.


At 8:27 Lucy made her way into this world, we were so excited to see her.

Baby Lucy right after being born. The nurses were attending to her and checking some things before passing her back to us.


The newest member of our family, Lucy. You can see how alert she was after being born.


After other nurses came and checked on her and she was fed we got moved up to the postpartum floor and got into our room.  I got to go with the nurse and help give Lucy her first bath and pick out a cute bow for her to wear.   At this point it was really late so we didn’t have any visitors until the next day.

Uncle Bracken was excited to get to hold baby Lucy.


Baby Lucy and Mom. Lucy is dressed up for the photographer at the hospital that comes around and takes some posed pictures.


Grandma Mudrow was so excited to see Lucy and to hold her, and Lucy was excited to see her.


She was happy to see Grandma Fernsten.


Daddy and baby resting on the bed.

After a day and a half in the hospital we got to come home around 1 PM on the 26th.  We put Lucy into her car seat and headed home, she did very well on the car ride home.

Lucy is all bundled up and ready for the car ride home. She did very good in her car seat.

We’re now getting settled into being at home with a new baby and we love her so very much!  We are so grateful to have her in our lives, we are truly blessed to have such a cute little angel in our home.

Baby Lucy asleep in her crib.


Baby Lucy cute as can be!


Here’s the link to the watermarked pictures that the hospital took:  LINK


  • shay

    She is so cute you guys!!! You guys look like the happiest parents ever! I’m so glad everything went well and she’s finally here! Next time we’re up, we’ll have to stop by! Love you guys!

  • Steveandcammie

    Oh so precious!!!! So glad little Lucy arrived safely and both r doing so good! Love all the pics!!! Can’t wait to hold her again!!!! Love you all!!!

  • Eric Fernsten Family

    What a cutie! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures with us.  We are so happy for you.  Glad you are all doing well.  Wish we lived closer to see her in person.

    Love, Aunt Kathleen, Uncle Eric, Great Grandma Fernsten and Great Grandpa Fernsten and cousins Natalie & Kaitlyn

  • Anna

    yay! she’s so beautiful! I’m so glad that the delivery went well. man, she looks so alert and happy! what a lucky little girl and lucky parientes! so happy for you guys!!

  • Mom

    She is adorable.  A little living doll!  You have the right to be proud parents.  We are so thrilled for your little family.  Can’t wait to hold her again.

  • W J Burningham

    Congrats Kenny. She is very cute.