Life Update

We’ve had a pretty busy last couple of weeks.  It is sure making time go by fast though!  Today I am 33 weeks along, so baby girl will be here before we know it!  Here’s how I’m looking these days.

This is from a few weeks ago, but I basically look the same.

The most exciting thing though is that we have moved from Provo to Midvale.  It’s pretty big for us.  We were sad to leave Provo, especially our ward, but we’re slowly getting used to living in Midvale.  You wouldn’t think Salt Lake would be so different from Utah County, but it really is!  Our apartment is in a great area though.  Everything is close to us.  We live right behind Walmart.  I try not to go too often though because I usually end up leaving frustrated about something.  Either they don’t have what I want, or I have to wait in line forever, but the other day I went and the greeter was singing about cheap prices at Walmart, so that made my day.  But we’re also close to an In ‘N Out which makes Kenny happy. We also have a Target and Macey’s close by, so I’m all set. Kenny has been so good at getting our apartment all cute and organized.  I do what I can, I just get tired faster than I normally would.  That’s why I’m lucky to have the best husband who doesn’t judge me when I accidentally fall asleep for an hour and a half during the day, or when I get winded trying to tie my shoes.  So here are some shots of our new apartment.

This is our front room, it’s to the right when you walk into our apartment. Kenny has since hung up the picture that’s sitting in front of the couch. We also have our TV and electronic piano in here. Plus floor space for playing with baby!
This is our kitchen/dining area. The space for the table is carpeted, which is odd to us, but it works. The kitchen has so much more counter space than I’m used to and I love it! I also love our dishwasher and garbage disposal which we haven’t had in our previous apartments! We’re still trying to figure out a place for the printer that we hardly ever use, but still need to have. And working on figuring out places for the last picture frames.
This is baby’s room so far. We have a chair and a dresser as of right now. And some cute clothes! (See previous post.) I love going in this room, even though it’s not decorated or anything it still just feels happy and peaceful. We are so excited for our baby girl to come.

Then we have our room and the bathroom, which I didn’t take pictures of. We now have Kenny’s desk and computer in our room, since baby gets the second bedroom. But it is perfectly fine as Kenny doesn’t work or game into the night or anything like that.  Since I’m not working anymore I’ve been trying to fill my time.  (One reason I’m doing this blog post.) I made my own laundry detergent. I tested it this week and it seemed to work great!  I also made some hats for baby, they’re so cute!

Thank you Pinterest for all your ideas.

On August 18th Kevin, Kenny’s brother, got married in the Salt Lake Temple.  It was a wonderful day and we’re so happy to have Megan in our family!  Their reception was also so pretty.  I loved the colors.

Megan, Kevin, Kenny, and me waiting for the reception to start.

So that’s our life right now.  Now that we’ve moved we’re basically just waiting for baby to come, but we’ll be patient!

  • shay

    AHH I can’t ebelieve how close you are!!! We seriously need to come up and visit you guys. I also have a gift for you! I’m glad you are doing well. I had no idea you guys moved! It looks like a cute place though! Just know we’re thinking about you!! Loves!

  • Cammie

    Cute pics!!! I bet your apartment seems huge compared to your past ones! We too are very excited to meet your little princess!!!!