Graduation celebration!

I’m free!!  After a lot of years of hard work and homework I’m finally free to work the rest of my life…I’m actually really excited to be done with school but wanted so show off some of the pictures from the days festivities.



Commencement was a fun experience for me.  I got to parade into the Marriott center with close to 6,000 graduates.  It was fun!  Elder Oaks spoke and it was great.  Onto some pictures!


6,000 graduating people!
Newly graduated and excited to take on the world!
Graduate and my Mom. Her and Jillaye were my only supporters at commencement.



The next day was the day I got to walk the walk and get my diploma (cover, as I still don’t have my diploma yet…).  Onto the pictures!


Here I am waiting in a line.
The Fernsten side of the family that came out to support me. Logan summed it up best when afterwards he exclaimed, "You won Kenny!"
The Mudrow side of the family that came to support me.
Building where I spent most of my days...
Brother Brigham is proud of two of his favorite graduates.
Looking back towards campus.
The world is my campus, that's why I decided to take a job in the far away land of Salt Lake.
The other sign for campus.



After convocation we had a party at the park (also to celebrate Diane’s 50th birthday).  It was a fun way to celebrate graduating and it was lovely weather.



Me and my balloons!
Diane and her cupcakes.
Us and two strangers at the park.
An overview of all the people that came. Thanks for everyone that came it was tons of fun!


Overall graduation was fun and I’m glad I went to both days of it as it was fun.  Now I’m working full-time at a company called CLEARLINK in Salt Lake.  It’s a great place to work at, the commute is not so great.