Christmas Time Fun!

December sure was a crazy month for us.  So crazy that it’s taken half of January to recover.  We had tons of parties to attend, movies to watch, and yummy food to eat (which wasn’t so good for me with all the gluten, but whatever I’ve recovered).


Something fun we did was go to the Zoo Lights with my family.  It was freezing but we all bundled up warmly and it was a fun little activity.  Most of the animal exhibits had their lights off so the animals could sleep so there wasn’t tons to see.  The big tigers were out and active though which was cool to see (usually in the summer they aren’t as active).   Here are a couple of pictures:


Zoo lights and Jillaye
Jillaye is ready to see some lights and a few animals.
L to R: Veronica, Kevin, and Jillaye are bundled up and appear to be having fun at the zoo lights.
Here we are at the zoo!

There are more pictures here:


We had a great Christmas spending times with both of our families (I kept saying how a year ago we were at this or that theme park in Florida).  We got a lot of useful things for Christmas which is what we really like.  I got an awesome Liverpool Football (soccer) top that I love a lot.  And Jillaye got a Kindle and loves it.  It’s actually quite cool to read on (it’s the black-and-white version so it’s the e-ink).  It really is like reading paper and Jillaye enjoyed taking it to work to read on her lunch breaks.


Jillaye also was able to do some crafty things and made a cute wreath and tree skirt.  Here’s the door wreath (we didn’t get a picture of the tree skirt I guess).

Really cute wreath that Jillaye made, just tilt your head as I forgot to rotate the picture.


I also found time to redo our web photo gallery and re-wrote it in a new language.  It will look the same to you, but on the backside it’s much nicer to use than before.  Because of the change all the older galleries are gone, sorry, but not much good be done to transfer them.