Preston 11 Months

I had to blog about our little cutie’s last month before he turns a year.  He is still just a fun and happy little guy.  Another tooth broke through on the top, so he’s a little vampire baby. He has started pointing to Jesus and says something like, “Jeje” or he just says “daddy” which is what he says to everything.  He does love Daddy a lot!  He of course still really loves Lucy too.  I can’t believe he’s almost a year old!  We love you Preston!





As you can see he wouldn’t keep the 11 moth sticker on, nor did he want to hold still.  You can also see him holding one of his favorite toys – Barbie’s dream house chandelier. He crawls into Lucy’s room and pulls it out of the ceiling.


Preston got his first hair cut this month, as you can see it was much needed!  This is at Lucy’s swim lesson so the humidity made his hair even crazier.


How else is he supposed to entertain himself while I get ready in the bathroom…


Here’s a fairly good after picture of his haircut.  Such a handsome boy!  He loves playing with the kitchen.


We went to a splash pad and he absolutely loved it.  We have a little water baby. He loves baths and swimming and splashing in any water he finds.


This is the crawl he does when he doesn’t want his knees to touch the ground.



I just think Lucy and Preston are the cutest.  I’m glad they’re such good friends.

  • Loralee Fernsten

    Okay, these pictures are just too cute!! I love all the descriptions… Especially the one in the bathroom. The kids are both adorable!!