Preston 10 Months

2016-07-19 07.58.09

We had a hard time getting Preston to sit still long enough to take some good 10 month pictures of him, but he’s still cute!  This is a fun age, he just keeps learning more and getting better at the things he knows how to do.  He jabbers all the time and says mom a lot, I think he knows what it means.  He waves whenever we leave or someone leaves and it’s so cute!  He also trumpets when we ask “What does an elephant say?”

2016-07-19 07.58.39

2016-07-19 07.59.21


He is finally starting to sleep better and usually just wakes up once now.  I really need to buckle down and just sleep train and I think he’ll sleep through the night.  He finally had one of his top teeth break through, and I think a second one is right behind.  So maybe he’ll sleep better because of that.





Preston is pulling himself up to standing on everything now, and he loves climbing our stairs.  He’s getting faster and faster.  He loves to explore everything and figure things out.  He opens and closes every door and drawer he finds. He finally figured out how to get up into a sitting position on his own too, not that he sits for very long at a time. He also loves water – baths, swimming, splash pads, everything.  When we went swimming he kept wanting to put his face in the water.  He doesn’t even care if it gets in his face he just goes right back for the water.


His hair got pretty out of control long so I started parting it to the side. It doesn’t last all day though before it starts sticking back up. He grabs the comb sometimes and tries to do it himself.  He loves to try to do things himself. He really doesn’t like me trying to feed him things, which is nice because now I can just put a bunch of small pieces of whatever we’re having and he feeds himself.  He likes pretty much everything we give him.  He is fast at grabbing any food I have too.



Every day is messy with Preston and Lucy eating.  I’m just really glad that we have tile under our table now, in our apartment it was carpet, which was terrible. This pic was from free Slurpee day, they were out so we went to Arctic Circle and got chocolate instead.


He and Lucy still love to play and jabber to each other.  They are just so sweet together.  Lucy is starting to have to share all the toys more, and does OK for the most part. They have had a lot of fun with this Barbie house that someone from the ward gave us. Preston loves to pull the chandelier off the ceiling.

We love our little Preston, he is just so happy and smiley. I love seeing him learn new things and he gets so happy with himself.  We sure are glad he’s ours!

  • Loralee Fernsten

    I’m so glad he’s yours as well! He is so fast as he shoots around. What a little treasure he is!! And Lucy, what a sweet sister you are for Preston!! I love all the pictures;;

  • Loralee Fernsten

    I’m so glad he’s yours as well!! He is so fast as he scoots around! What a little treasure he is!! And Lucy, what a sweet sister you are for Preston!! I love all the pictures!!