Lagoon 2016

2016-06-27 10.50.58

Lucy has been talking about going to “Mermaid Lagoon” again since we went last year. She was pretty excited!  We have another little theme park enthusiast!

2016-06-27 11.33.59

It was very hot so we got Preston a little fan and shade structure for his stroller.  They both worked great! We also went swimming at Lagoona Beach halfway through the day which helped to cool us all off.

2016-06-27 11.35.35

This dragon ride was one of Lucy’s favorites, her other favorite was Bombora, the roller coaster.  She went on both of them quite a few times. It wasn’t very busy which was great because kids don’t like waiting in lines.

2016-06-27 12.01.01
2016-06-27 12.13.20

2016-06-27 12.18.06

2016-06-27 12.59.52

We went with Jarik, Stephanie, Jace, and Bracken.  It was so fun having another little kid there to go on rides with Lucy.  I think Lucy liked the rides more than Jace, but he warmed up to them.  He especially loved the bumper cars.  We also got to swap so the big kids could go on Cannibal, I hadn’t been on it and it was CRAZY!  But also very fun.

2016-06-27 13.15.18

2016-06-27 13.44.13

We love that Lagoon has pavilions and that you can bring in your own lunch.  Lagoon doesn’t have very good food anyway.
2016-06-27 16.28.08

2016-06-27 16.55.20

It was fun going on rides with Lucy, last year when we went I was pregnant so I didn’t get to go on many.  Lucy picked our plane for the Flying Aces…

2016-06-27 17.13.06

2016-06-27 17.13.10

2016-06-27 17.50.46


Lucy loved going on rides with Bracken.  She also started copying his peace sign, but ended up switching to 3 fingers, I’m guessing because she’s 3.

2016-06-27 17.50.51

2016-06-27 17.50.59

Preston was pretty excited to get on a ride.  He only got to ride the train and the carousel, but he was a sport.  He loved playing in the water at Lagoona Beach as well.

2016-06-27 18.54.16

2016-06-27 19.03.03

2016-06-27 19.03.13

2016-06-27 19.34.15

2016-06-27 19.50.05

2016-06-27 19.50.12

Of all the animals to choose Lucy picked this little bear that rocks back and forth.  I didn’t even notice it, but she found it!

2016-06-27 20.05.37

2016-06-27 20.11.37

2016-06-27 20.22.27

2016-06-27 20.25.41

2016-06-27 20.34.54

2016-06-27 20.35.00

2016-06-27 20.56.47

2016-06-27 21.37.46

2016-06-27 21.52.20

2016-06-27 22.03.06

We had a very fun day and were all pretty tired by the end.  We made it home with no injuries or meltdowns, Bracken just lost his hat on Wicked. It is so fun having our kids grow up and get to do fun things with them like going to Lagoon. I didn’t even mind not going on many roller coasters because it was so fun going on things with Lucy and watching her experience everything. Also I’m old and roller coasters make me sick sometimes, sad day.