Happy Halloween!

This Halloween I really wanted to dress up, and since we’re married, I wanted to do a cute couple costume.  We thought and thought and it was actually Kenny who decided we should go as Eugene Fitzherbert (Flynn Rider) and Rapunzel from “Tangled”.  I thought that would be cute, but definitely the hard part would be the hair.  Of course all I had to do was Google “do it yourself Rapunzel hair” and a ton of results came up. I love Google and creative people that blog about the things they make.  Here’s the finished product!

In front of the Fernsten's with my long hair, frying pan, and of course Kenny has a satchel.

In total it took me about 2 hours, and two skeins of yarn (that’s what they’re called right?).  I finished off decorating it with flowers and ribbons.  Thanks Mom for helping me figure out how to make the hair.

The Fernsten’s have a great tradition of carving pumpkins.  We were there as all the trick-or-treaters said “Oooh, cool pumpkins!”  I always like making characters that little kids recognize.  I’ve done a penguin, Nemo, and this year I did Kermit the frog, in honor of his new movie coming out on November 23, 2011.  Yes, we are excited!

Kevin carved the cool pirate ship in the back.
Here is Kenny's cool pumpkin

As always, it was a fun Halloween, and I ate too much candy.  Now we get to get ready for Thanksgiving and CHRISTMAS!


  • shraymartel

    I love your costumes! So cute!! And the pumpkins? A-freakin-MAZING!

  • Mom

    I’m commenting, so that you know I went on and read it.  Yes it is a skein of yarn, good job.  I love the pumpkins. – Mom

  • Anna Hansen

    you guys look awesome! Dang, If we’d known you were at the fernsten’s we coulda come around trick-or-treating. those pumpkins are impressive. you guys are so cool. 🙂