Preston 7 Months

2016-04-16 10.51.31


We can’t believe how fast Preston is growing! He is such a sweet and content little guy, we’re so glad he’s in our family.

2016-04-16 10.51.23

2016-04-16 10.52.07

2016-04-16 10.52.35


We love his big blue eyes! He is always staring at things and trying to figure out how they work. The other day he was playing with a toy and turning it around until he found the speaker, guess he wanted to know where the sound was coming from! He’s sitting pretty good, but still falls over when distracted. He’s rolling everywhere and pivots on his tummy, so he’s getting pretty good at getting what he wants. I think he’s trying to figure out scooting, but isn’t quite there yet.

2016-04-16 10.53.02

He is not sleeping very good at night. We’ve been trying to do sleep training for a couple of weeks, it got a little better, but now he’s about as bad as he was before. We think that might be the trade off for having such a cuddly baby. It’s hard, we’re tired, but hopefully he will grow out of it before long.

2016-04-16 12.52.11

2016-04-22 12.55.42


He loves eating and especially loves anything he can do himself, which is pretty limited. He likes to suck on apples and anything we put in his mesh feeder. When he sees I have an apple, he just pants and whines until I give it to him. He’s starting to eat the little puffs, but isn’t really mashing stuff with his gums yet. Once he does I don’t think he’ll want baby food anymore.

2016-04-22 12.55.52


Lucy wanted me to take a picture of her too. 🙂

2016-04-17 12.36.13

I love dressing Preston up for church! It’s like the only day you get to accessorize a boy. I don’t know if it’s his big eyes or what, but he looks adorable in a hat. And he keeps it on! He will usually take a small nap at church, but then, if he’s awake doesn’t want to stay in class. You’ve still got a while until nursery bud! We love you lots Preston! Or as we like to call him, Prestony. (Pronounced like destiny.)


  • Loralee Fernsten

    Yay! I love these pictures!! I’ve never heard you call Preston, Prestony!! He is so adorable in his hat and growing like a weed. Lucy looks cute, too!!