Preston 5 Months


Can’t believe this little cutie is 5 months old already!  We can’t imagine our family without him though. He still just keeps growing and learning new things everyday!  He isn’t consistently rolling over, but he has done both from tummy to back and back to tummy, just for some reason doesn’t want to keep doing it.  But he did graduate from physical therapy so that’s exciting!  It is interesting because they said he can revert back to tilting his head to the right if he’s sick or learning a new skill, and this past week he got pink eye and he started tilting his head to the right.  So we just keep stretching and playing, and it’s going back to the midline again.


Look at those cute legs!  I just want to eat them!


His new favorite skill is eating his toes.  I’ve been letting him go pantless more in the house as it make it easier to get his toes.  Nice that he has a toy connected to him!  Lucy likes to show us that she can also put her foot in her mouth.


He does ok at tummy time, definitely likes it a lot better if Lucy is there entertaining him.

2016-01-20 16.35.17

In addition to his toes, he loves chewing on everything.  So teethers are some of his favorite toys.

2016-01-19 09.11.49

He loves Lucy so much.  I call this his figuring out face.  It’s hard to get him to smile for the camera because he just studies it trying to figure out what it is.
2016-01-19 09.06.14



He has been talking more and figuring out how to move his mouth a little more and make different sounds.  He loves to growl back and forth.  He also has the sweetest giggle, which he uses most often with Lucy.



He still loves to cuddle and just being near us.  We love to cuddle him too!  He really is such a sweetie, we love you Preston!


  • Loralee

    He’s becoming a little explorer! What can I see? What can I touch? What can I say? What can I hear? What can I taste? What can I smell is probably not in his explorations for awhile!! He is adorable!! Love you Preston!! Love you Lucy!!