Preston 4 Months

2016-01-16 13.13.15

Preston just keeps getting cuter and happier!  It’s fun how we just keep loving him more and more.  He is definitely a sweetie.  He loves cuddles and loves being with the family.  He doesn’t let us put him down when we’re eating, he has to be right with us.  I think Lucy is still his favorite.  She can do no wrong in his eyes, no matter how close or loud she is, he just smiles.  He jabbers and lately has been growling and spitting a lot, just letting us know he’s a boy! He is growing great! At his 4 month checkup he weighed 13 lbs 11 oz and was 25.5″ long. And now he gets to start some solids!

2016-01-16 13.14.39

2016-01-16 13.15.09

This boy loves getting undressed.  If he is fussy the easiest way to cure it is to take his clothes off. Gotta love that soft baby skin! Which of course also means he doesn’t really like getting dressed.

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He has big cute eyes, he is always staring at everything trying to figure it out.  He is getting so close to being able to roll from his back to tummy.  I think any day now.  He rolled from his tummy to his back the other day, he seemed pretty pleased with himself. We’ve had to do physical therapy a couple of times because his head is a little lopsided.  Hopefully we can just keep working on it so he doesn’t have to wear a helmet.

We sure love you sweet boy!

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  • Loralee

    I can hardly wait to see him and applaud his accomplishments! He has already rolled from his tummy to his back and holds his head up so strong!! Way to go Preston!! Happy 4 months!!