In June we took Lucy for her first trip to Lagoon.  Needless to say she had an absolute blast!  Lagoon is really a great park for families as there are a variety of rides for all ages.  By the end of the day we had ridden hardly any ride twice because there were so many for Lucy to ride.

2015-06-19 12.03.09
Happy start to a fun day at Lagoon
2015-06-19 12.31.11
With Jillaye pregnant Lucy and Kenny were riding buddies for most of the rides.
2015-06-19 12.35.13
Lucy was very excited for this ride and loved it.
2015-06-19 12.35.49
Our little driver
2015-06-19 12.43.12
She even got the hang of this ride, pulling/pushing on the control bar to go up or down.
2015-06-19 12.54.48
This was one of her favorite rides and we couldn’t stop laughing when watching her on it. A video of it is below.


2015-06-19 13.41.55
She loves carousels as well.
2015-06-19 13.25.00
I didn’t think she’d like this ride, but she wanted to go on it. It ended up being her favorite and we went on it twice. It’s really surprising how low some of the height requirements are at Lagoon.
2015-06-19 14.02.20
I love that this ride is still around from my childhood.
2015-06-19 14.49.57
We went on the Odyssea with Jillaye and it was a great way to cool off in the heat.
2015-06-19 15.29.11
Lucy loved to spin on the ferris wheel.
2015-06-19 16.42.58
You can see how red Lucy’s cheeks are so a shake really helped cool her off.
2015-06-19 17.45.09
She enjoyed seeing the animals from the train.


Overall we had a blast at Lagoon.  It was a hot day (it always is at Lagoon) but Lucy loved all of it.  She keeps talking about the pirate ship ride at mermaid lagoon.