It’s been a while since I’ve done a post just about Lucy, and she has continued to grow and learn so much!  She is just the most wonderful little girl and we’re so glad she’s in our family.

2015-06-09 19.25.34

2015-06-03 09.31.53

Lucy loves to pretend and dress up.  It is the cutest thing, she loves to play with her dolls, but also loves to play with just imaginary friends that she has.  I made the scrubs for her, she picked out the fabric, quite an accomplishment for both of us.  But she is also really good at just finding whatever is on hand to make a costume out of.

2015-05-25 20.57.02

Lucy plays very hard, and sometimes doesn’t want to take a nap.  Which leads her to conking out in the car sometimes.  I love that she has her sunglasses on in this picture.  She has her heart sunglasses and Minnie Mouse sunglasses and is pretty particular about which ones she wants to wear on different days.

2015-05-24 11.17.11

Lucy is always pretty for church, thanks Grandma Mudrow!  She is usually pretty good, in our new ward we’re at 1:00 which is an adjustment, but she’s still been pretty good.  Last week someone mentioned family home evening in their testimony and she said, “We do that!”  It was such a happy parenting moment, and one to hold onto the next day when she threw a tantrum all through family home evening.

Lucy still loves nursery!  Even in our new ward she has been able to make friends.  She tries to make friends with most kids.  She really likes playing with older kids, like 5 and 6 year olds. She will walk up to someone at the park and say, “Do you want to be my friend?” Usually the other kid will say yes, so simple. I wish I could make friends that easily!

2015-05-16 11.36.10

2015-05-16 11.29.24

2015-05-16 11.06.05

A few months ago we went to a Daniel Tiger neighbor day and got to meet Daniel Tiger!  He is probably Lucy’s favorite show right now (and Mommy’s).  He teaches such good stuff, all I have to do is sing the song and usually Lucy will do what I’m asking.  Like with potty training, “When you have to go potty, stop, and go right away!”  Oh that’s another big thing, Lucy is potty trained now!  It was pretty slow going, but she finally got it and is still doing great.  With the move we even put away her little potty and she’s been fine.  It is so nice, and I’m glad I’ll just have one little one in diapers!

2015-05-25 10.16.06

This Memorial Day we finally went and found the Fernsten’s buried in the Midvale Cemetary, after almost 3 years of living here.  Next time we’ll plan ahead enough to bring them some flowers.
2015-05-11 14.35.26

Lucy is a princess and she knows it.  But luckily she’s a nice princess.  She loves pink and is so excited to have a pink room in our new house.  She is definitely all girl.  If I have her pick out her outfit she always picks her dresses first, and she does look pretty cute in them!  She has started singing a lot which is the cutest thing.  She doesn’t remember all the words so she just kind of makes up songs and she goes, and I love it!  Lucy still loves reading and will just sit down with a stack of books and look at them with us or all by herself.  It will be so fun when she can actually read the words.

We sure love our Lucy and are excited to see her be a big sister.  She already loves her baby brother, and we’re hoping that will just increase when she actually gets to meet him and hold him, not too long now!