San Diego part 2

Time for another update from our super-fun trip to San Diego!

This update will cover two things mainly, the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Safari Park.  Lets head deep into the jungles of San Diego shall we?

The San Diego zoo is amazing, it is a huge zoo and it took us a day and a half to see everything.  We loved it!  Onto some pictures!


A green elephant trumpets our arrival
The entrance sign to one of the best zoo's I've been to

We started off the morning looking at animals (obviously) but there was hardly anyone there so it was actually quite nice.  Then the hoards of people started showing up and it got really busy.  But even with all the huge hills in the zoo we planned it so we never had to hike up a  hill, we took the outdoor escalators instead.

Deep in the jungles of the zoo, Jillaye waits silently to attack her prey. These little trails were everywhere!
Yay polar bears (not sponsored by Coca-cola)
Pandas! I was very excited to see some pandas. They were just as cute as Jillaye told me they would be
Jillaye and the Panda behind her, double cute!
Some elephants
This is one level of the zoo and Jillaye is looking 4 stories down at the Panda exhibit that's on the lower part of the zoo
I was very excited to see the chinese acrobats and they didn't disappoint. After we watched this the heat had gotten to me and we headed back to the hotel so i could take a break. Below are two videos of the show that I took, I'm a sucker for these shows. =)

These hippos were very active and funny to watch, the momma hippo pushed and rolled the baby hippo along the bottom of the pool much to everyone's delight. Below is the video of it:

So there's a funny story with this and living up to our potential. It wasn't until the 2nd day at the zoo that they told us we got free bus tour rides and free skyride rides. We never rode the bus but it would have been nice to know on the first day.
Jillaye wanted to pet a lamb and she got to and exclaimed how soft it was.

I on the other hand wasn't that excited to pet a goat, and I don't think the goat was excited either.


Here’s a great video of Jillaye speaking some parseltongue to a snake.  She’s definitely a Slytherin.

This is just a cool shot I took on one of the escalators at night at the zoo. Light speed to the Gorillas!
I love these signs and they are everywhere! Just being in California can give you cancer.





The other park we visited (which was about 20 miles away from San Diego) was the San Diego Safari Park.  It was quite an interesting park.  Their whole purpose to is breed animals that are endangered, so a lot of the areas for animals are huge to allow for a more natural homey feeling.  The main part of the park is a tram tour that takes about 30 minutes that shows all the animals they have, it’s crazy how many of them were endangered.  They even have a white rhino that is one of 6 left on this earth.  Crazy!!  So the driver said to take a good look because they will soon be gone (out of those 6 rhinos there’s only one female that is young enough to get pregnant).

The entrance to the Safari Park (it reminded us of the Animal Kingdom) Notice our cute matching shirts that we got?
Ahhh lions!!!
Jillaye is super excited to see Giraffes!
This is some kid who paid money to get bird seed, then the birds attacked him! We just stood by and laughed...
Jillaye picked to ride on the sea otter, she really likes otters.
We are all set for the Tram Safari (you could select other safaris that cost a lot of extra money)


The Zoo and the Safari Park were awesome!  As always there’s a huge gallery of pictures with the link below so be sure to check those out.  Also I forgot on Part 1 to add any videos so I’ll to another post for part 1 that’s full of funny videos (cause there are a lot).

Here’s the link:

Be sure to check out the pictures there, thanks for reading!






  • Steveandcammie

    Love the additional pics.  The videos were sure fun to watch….makes me want to go there now.  Why oh why did you take a video of a snake?  Gross!  The hippo clip was rather funny, maybe she was giving her baby a bath rub down?  Wouldn’t it be cool to know if the baby was laughing or hating being pushed around–something we’ll never know.