Lucy’s Two!

2013-11-08 16.05.17-1

I cannot believe that Lucy is two!  She has just been learning so much, I feel like every week she learns and understands so much more.  She still loves reading, and going to the library. She recognizes when we turn onto the street and gets so excited.  She also loves to dance.  She gets on a dress or tutu and we have a dance party pretty much everyday.  She has also started to sing songs, which is so cute, and hum when she doesn’t know the words.  She talks so well, she can very easily get her point across which is really nice to not have to guess what she wants or needs.  She cracks us up with all the things she says.  Today she was telling me that daddy was at work and needed a hug, what a sweetie.

2013-11-08 15.57.23

Lucy can count to 10, sometimes skipping numbers, just depends on the day.  She knows L (for Lucy) and O, and points them out when she sees them.  We’re starting to work more on letters.  She really likes coloring, but even more just likes writing with a pen.  The other day she was drawing circles and putting some squiggles at the top, I asked what she was drawing and she said apples, it kind of did look like an abstract apple!   Lucy LOVES nursery, she gets so excited to go, and wants to leave sacrament meeting early, haha.  Her leaders say she does a great job.  I love asking her what she did at nursery.  She lists everything, “play with toys, friends, Jesus, songs, eat snack”.

2013-11-08 16.00.59

Lucy loves babies and being a mom to her dolls.  She is so sweet to them and will give them kisses, rock them, and sing songs.  She’ll be a great big sister someday!  She especially loves her cousin, baby Jace.  She gets so excited when we get to see him and will just sit by him and hug him.  He really likes her too, so it’s a good match!  She also just loves being around other kids.  When we go somewhere like the park or library or store, she looks around for other kids and then goes and makes friends.  I’m glad she’s so friendly. She loves her friends that we play with all the time, but also really likes older kids.  She doesn’t mind following them around.  It’s so cute, she always asks what their name is and tells them her name is Lucy.  

2013-11-08 16.12.19

We sure love our little Lucy!  Even if she’s not as little anymore!


  • Loralee

    Okay. I’m also late in reading this post! Lucy is a darling two-year-old. Cute pictures which I haven’t seen before! Your description of Lucy is perfect. She is very friendly, sweet and loving. She has great parents, so how could she not be adorable!!

  • Loralee

    I meant to add that I’m so glad she loves to dance… Yay!!