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As Lucy continues to get older, she keeps getting to experience more and more firsts.  A few days ago she pooped in her potty for the first time!!!!! Sounds great right, well let me tell the whole story.  I was giving her a bath in the morning because she had woken up covered in pee (already got some new diapers to remedy that situation), she was having a great time just splashing when all of a sudden she started looking like she was going to poop.  I had no idea what to do so I started lifting her out to see if I could get her to her new potty which is right next to the bath.  As I picked her up she pooped and it plopped right into the tub.  I screamed, “Oh my gosh!”  Kenny didn’t know if it was a good or bad scream, but he came running in anyway.  I put Lucy on her toilet and she went a little more in the potty, good job Lucy!  Then Kenny got to be the lucky one to clean out the tub.  Poop in the tub was also a first, and we really hope a last.

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Since it has gotten warmer we’ve been able to go to the park for the first time this year.  It’s so fun that Lucy can now walk around and actually play on stuff.  We also went swimming a few nights ago and she loved it, she didn’t want to get out even though her teeth were chattering.

She also got to pet a cat for the first time, she loves animals and she doesn’t get to see them that much since we live in an apartment.  I tried telling Kenny we should get a fish, cause she loves fish, but no go this time.  And technically pets aren’t allowed in our apartment.

She also got her first haircut!  Just a little trim because her hair in the back is getting pretty long, I’m excited for when it will all be even and we can start growing some long, pretty locks!  I didn’t get any pictures though, as I was holding her still.

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Lucy’s still just as funny as ever.  She loves to put things on her head which just cracks us up.  She has such a fun personality, we sure love her! I’ll finish off with some other random pictures of our cutie.

She pulls everything out of this drawer.
She pulls everything out of this drawer.
Holding her rubber duckie Daddy got her for Valentine's Day.
Holding her rubber duckie Daddy got her for Valentine’s Day.
Showing me the otter's eyes at the zoo.
Showing me the otter’s eyes at the zoo.
Playing with all the big kids.
Playing with all the big kids.
  • loralee

    Wow! Definitely a lot of firsts. Way to go Lucy, you pooped in the potty… Well, the tub too.;-). I love the picture with the bag on your head. What did the world look like from inside there? I think your hair is so pretty and cute pulled up on your head. And to think you even survived your first haircut… Did you thank Mommy? I do love you! Love Grandma Fernsten