Lucy’s Birthday Party

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Lucy is one!  (Well almost.)  We had a super fun party to celebrate.  We are blessed with great family and friends who came out to celebrate with us!  Our family went as the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe.  Kenny made his costume, isn’t it great?  I made Lucy’s costume, my mom did the mane.  It turned out super cute, I was so proud of myself, I put in a zipper for the first time!  I had a lot of fun planning Lucy’s party, it was more work than I thought it would be.  I’ve never really thrown a party by myself before, but I thought it turned out great.

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We had various snacks and Megan, my sister-in-law made the awesome cakes!  They turned out so cute!  She is definitely talented, and we’re lucky to have her in our family.  (For more than just her cake decorating abilities, she’s so fun!)

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It was a costume party, which was great seeing everyone’s fun costumes.  Even our little niece Chloe dressed up as Wonder Woman!




For some fun activities we set up some Mummy Bowling, a pumpkin toss (expertly made by Kenny), and some coloring pages and masks.

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Lucy loves her cousin Logan.  She was practicing her lion skills and tackled him to the ground.  Isn’t her face so smug?





I thought Lucy would be more interested in opening her presents because she loves ripping paper.  But I guess there was too much else going on.  I think she just wanted to play with all the big kids.  I think they would have been happy to open her presents for her.  She got a lot of fun stuff.  Should keep her occupied for a few days, haha.  Now I want to try some toy rotation.  When we got home one of the things she had the most fun with was the clothes from Karlan, she likes putting them on her head, silly girl.  She also had a fun bath with new bath toys!  And got to read some new books.  She’s a spoiled little girl, but she’s so cute, how could we not spoil her?









Lucy loved her cake!  She clapped when we all sang happy birthday, she likes being the center of attention.  I love how she just went right in and bit it.  She got herself pretty well covered with orange frosting, I loved how messy it was.  She kept putting her foot into the side and pulling it out wondering why there was stuff on her foot.  While she was eating she kept saying mmmm.



Then she got a quick rinse off in the sink at the church.  I have to say I felt pretty redneck doing that.  Lucy had fun though, she was splashing everywhere just like in the bath at home!

I had a blast and thanks to everyone who came and the family that helped set up and clean up at the end!  Lucy’s first birthday party was a success!





  • loralee

    I love looking at all these photos of a very fun 1st birthday party! Jillaye, you did a wonderful job coordinating decorations, games, food, company etc. Lucy sure enjoyed everything and so did I. What fun memories. I am still trying to figure out why I am the only one who posts on your blog. Do others see your posts elsewhere? You do such a great job of telling us what is going on in Lucy’s life and showing us through pictures how cute, funny and expressive she is. I hope others are benefiting from all your hard work. Thanks again, to all three of you for a fun afternoon! Love, Grandma Fernsten