Preston 1 Year!

That year went way fast!  I can’t believe Preston has been with us a whole year, but it’s also hard to remember what life was like without him.  It’s even hard to remember the time that he couldn’t get around and get into everything, which wasn’t too long ago.  He is just growing and learning more and more.  I was …

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Preston 11 Months

I had to blog about our little cutie’s last month before he turns a year.  He is still just a fun and happy little guy.  Another tooth broke through on the top, so he’s a little vampire baby. He has started pointing to Jesus and says something like, “Jeje” or he just says “daddy” which is what he says to …

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Preston 10 Months

We had a hard time getting Preston to sit still long enough to take some good 10 month pictures of him, but he’s still cute!  This is a fun age, he just keeps learning more and getting better at the things he knows how to do.  He jabbers all the time and says mom a lot, I think he knows …

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2016-06-27 19.34.15

Lagoon 2016

Lucy has been talking about going to “Mermaid Lagoon” again since we went last year. She was pretty excited!  We have another little theme park enthusiast! It was very hot so we got Preston a little fan and shade structure for his stroller.  They both worked great! We also went swimming at Lagoona Beach halfway through the day which helped …

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2016-06-03 13.31.51

Start of Summer

Just a quick update with pictures about how our summer is going so far.  We started the summer off right by celebrating my birthday!  This is mine and Kenny’s last year of being in our 20’s, crazy how time flies!  We went to the zoo, it’s been a lot of fun having a pass this year and getting to go …

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2016-05-20 09.37.37

Lucy Update

While doing Preston’s blog post I realized we had a lot of pictures that were really just Lucy’s story, so she needs her own blog post.  She just keeps getting more and more grown up.  It’s so much fun watching and helping her experience things for the first time.  She definitely can be a little threenager with her attitudes, but …

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Preston 9 Months

Preston keeps just growing up and getting cuter!  His hair just keeps getting longer, and still doesn’t want to lay down.  It’s cute though, so we’ll just embrace it.  He had a well check this month, so he now weighs 16 lbs. 15 oz, and is 29″ long.  He didn’t gain much weight, but is also teething and he has …

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2016-04-09 15.09.57

Spring Happenings

We’ve had a really fun spring! It’s mostly been so nice to get outside. Preston and Lucy love being outside. Here are some pics of some of the fun things we did. We went to the Provo Temple open house. It was so pretty and Lucy loved being there with grandparents and cousins. I love getting Lucy and Preston dressed …

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2016-05-16 10.52.00

Preston 8 Months

Preston has grown up so much in the last month!  He’s sitting up pretty good, got two teeth, and is just starting to scoot.  He loves the world that is now open to him.  I think he’s going to keep us busy.  He’s already figured out how to open the bottom drawer on his dresser and take all his pants …

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2016-02-12 18.09.57

Disneyland 2016

We had such a fun family vacation.  Traveling with kiddos is tiring, but also really fun and rewarding.  We took the drive to California in two days.  It takes a while when you have to stop to nurse and for potty breaks, but Lucy and Preston both did so good!  Preston realized early on that nothing interesting was happening and …

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